Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Strength Statements

In looking at my strengths and then looking at what I truly value- I'm beginning to understand why my executive coach is having me go through this exercise. I have begun to look at activities closer. Why do I like this activity but loath this one? For a period of two week, my coach had me write down activities that I loved and those that I loathed. Then we took a look at these activities and matched them up to my values and strengths. Very interesting how they align! This exercise takes being honest about feelings- something I really don't getting into. But it was very valuable. From this my coach had me write strength statements. I have never ever done this before. What a novel idea! Look at what I love and what I loathe and then know what activities strengthen me so that I am invigorated, fulfilled and am sustained! So far this is what I've got- it's still a work in progress.

I am strong when:

I have an opportunity to interact/socialize with a lot of people in person not on the phone! (Is this Woo or what!!) It does not matter if I know the people personally or if they are strangers.

I have the outside environment around me in order and free of clutter.

I have space and margin in my life and not be crazy busy rushing here and there loosing my head.

I have time to be still. This doesn't have to planned quiet time but just the opportunity to read or just sit and be quiet.

I can laugh several times in a day.

I can use my competence or knowledge to help solve logistical problems.

I have an opportunity to spend unplanned and unstressed time with my kids. For example if they want to suddenly play a game or sing Christmas carols, I can and not feel guilty about chores waiting to be done.

I am weak when:

I don't have the time to think through a interpersonal conflict situation before responding.

I feel forced to do something that is is an area where I'm not competent and feel inadequate.

I am around people who to not want to grow and learn (unmotivated).

It will be interesting to see if these statements stay true for the next year and if they help me in my personal and professional life put myself in more areas of strength!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rainy Day Thoughts

Sad. Very sad today. Why? Is it because it has rained non-stop for four days? Is it because the kids and Paul are at home without me? Is it because Christmas is this week and we don't get to see all my family in Washington? Not sure but feeling is truly just very sad.

It's o.k. to feel sad. Don't allow myself to be sad very often but it is an o.k. emotion! I'm learning that I need to embrace my emotions and be real with myself. Urghh. O.k. had my little sadness party. Now I need to be happy. Come on sunshine!

Loved this post on Her.meneutics Blog. Lynn Hybels shares about the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe that is why I'm sad. I just need to slow down long enough to nuture my internal peace. If I truly have peace in my soul- I won't feel sad. I will be overwhelemed with love for my family. I need to take time for me. No, that isn't being selfish. It is time to nurture my soul.