Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Are these saying familiar? "Why worry when you can pray"? OR, "Worrying means you are not trusting"? We have heard these over and over if you have been in the Christian realm for any length of time. But do we really believe it? It's really only when push comes to shove that we know if these are just "Christianise" or if they are truly believed in our hearts.
A verse in Luke 12 is quoted a lot of times: " much more valuable you are than birds!" But the parable before this section on worrying really needs to be looked at in conjunction with what Jesus is telling his disciples about our value. In Luke 12: 13-21, Jesus tells the parable of the rich fool who is blessed with a lot of "stuff". The rich man decides that in order to store all of his stuff he will tear down his barns and build bigger and better barns. And then, the rich man says to himself "You have plenty of good thing laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink, and be merry" Luke 12:19. But God calls this man a fool! Why? Because this rich man was so worried about himself. He was so worried about his stuff! He was so caught up in things that he had forgotten about God. He had forgotten about building up for himself "treasure in heaven" and instead was focused on obtaining stuff on this earth.
Do we worry more because we have so much stuff? When our church staff members visit the slums in India, they come back every time commenting on how happy these people are. These people of NO stuff as compared to what we have here in America. Even the poorest of person here has more than those living in the Indian slums.
Is that why Jesus immediately turns to his disciples and says "why do you worry"? Jesus knows how much we love our stuff. BUT he says, "the pagan world runs after all such things.." don't worry about running after the stuff! Your Father in heaven knows that you need food, drink, and clothing so don't worry about accumulating such stuff!
So...when I'm lying awake in bed at night worrying...My Father in heaven is saying to me "O you of little faith" trust me! Worrying is not going to add a single hour to you life. Worrying only causes stress, tension, broken relationships, harsh words, and health problems! It is in these moments of sleeplessness I have to say "Yes, Father. I know you will provide. Let me thank you for all the many blessings that you have provided me!"And I pour out my thanksgiving to God and then the peace descends upon me like a gentle rain from heaven! Thank you Father! Thank you for reminding me that stuff is nothing to be worrying about!