Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Quotes for the Day

"When you're brave enough to let go of anything you don't absolutely love or need, what you have left is the space for stillness and possibility". Cheryl Richardson, Take Time for Your Life

"Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it". M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled

Values Response Continued

My coach took me through an interesting exercise that really brought to light my values. It was very interesting to see that even after creating a list of my values (8.30.10) and defining each value, this exercise still came to the same conclusion!

What was a "peak experience" in my life?
One such experience was when I finally graduated from Talbot Seminary! Why? My family and close friends were here to share it with me- even my parents watched the graduation via an online feed! It was hard work and I finally accomplished the task!

What would be a perfect day for me?
Being around family (extended and immediate). Quiet- moments of being alone. Peace! Food and conversations with a little music around the piano thrown in.

What really ticks me off?
Laziness! Irresponsibility! Lack of follow through! Lack of respect! (Now you do my secret buttons to push!)

What is my favorite all time movie?
Witness with Harrison Ford. I know it's strange but you see community and acceptance done well! Protecting the family was the utmost priority! Safety!

What animal would I be if I was suddenly an animal?
A Golden Retriever! They are loyal, show unconditional love. Devoted. Protective. ALWAYS happy. Young at heart even in old age! And always wanting to play!

So what does this all say about me? It points right back to the values which I previously had identified!! Knowledge (graduation)! Family (Witness, perfect day)! Laughter (perfect day)! Safety (animal, Witness)! Dependability (animal, ticks me off)! I guess I am pretty easy to figure out.

Simply defined I am about: family, achievement, responsibility, dependability, loyalty, happiness, productive. Hmmm. Need to see how this aligns with my strength themes.