Monday, August 30, 2010


In my coaching, we have been talking through values. What values are truly important to me- what does this value mean to me? Why is it important? It has been a very interesting process. I truly had never really sat down and thought through what a value was or how values are truly what dictates what you do in your earthly life! Here is what I've come up with so far.

1. Knowledge- The ability to constantly learn new bits of information. To not stagnate in the amount of information/teachings that you have learned but to constantly strive from more. Better yourself intellectually continually.
2. Family- Blood relatives or close friends that you know will be there no matter what. If there is a crisis they will be there to hold you up. If there is a celebration, they will be there to celebrate with you. Family is unconditional love and stick-to-it-ness (devotion).
3. Laughter- Happiness, fun, play. Not guarded, mean spirited, fake or a mask to cover pain. True unadulterated joy. Good for the soul and needed in order to truly thrive in life.
4. Safety- Security, protection, safeguard. The feeling that you are indeed safe and secure. Important for true joy in living day-to-day life. Fear can disable and stunt any intellectual or spiritual growth.
5. Dependability- Your word is your honor. If you say it will be done, all efforts in your ability are made to do whatever has been promised as quickly as possible and without delay. Being responsible! When you delay, that brings the message through that you really don't care, lack of respect for the person promised, don't want to do what is promised or simply that you are just lazy.

I'm sure this list will be updated as I have the time to think more on these values.